Real Life Photography
Everyday moments - the baby giggles, tiny toes, the tears, the messy - matter. Let me preserve these fleeting moments for you.
6 Steps to a Successful Newborn Session

Review Pricing
Please be sure to take a good look at the investment guide with your spouse prior to booking. I want to be sure all decision-makers are a part of this process.
Reserve Date
Choose a date from our online calendar that is about 10-14 days after your due date. Please let me know when your baby is born, so we may adjust your session date if needed. (We like to photograph your new babe within 7-21 days after their birth).

Review Tips
Read through and review the tips and suggestions in the guides below for a smooth newborn session. 
Photo Session
A 1-2 hours session in the comfort of your own home. Newborn sessions don't have an exact time limit as I want to ensure you don't feel rushed, and that sweet babe is well-fed and warm. Diaper changes, spitups, feedings - they're all part of your daily life, so we'll take our time your session.

Viewing Session
Four to six weeks after your session, your finished gallery will be delivered. We will meet either at a coffeeshop (My treat!) or over Facetime where you'll be able to narrow down your favorite images and select a package. Final payment is due at your viewing session.
Order Delivery 
All products are custom made and take 4-5 weeks for production. Your order will be delivered right to your door.
Why YOUR Baby Needs This
When you book your newborn session, you are setting aside time to remember these sweet moments with your baby. You are walking away with a return ticket to this quickly passing time. These images are your very own pause button to your baby's early days - you want to pause these.

Documenting this time in your child's life is something you want to do. 
Review Pricing
Choose one of three collections. No need to pre-select products or packages. Simply select a collection, and reserve your date!
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Reserve a Date
Choose a date for your newborn session about 10-14 days after your due date. Photographing newborns 7-21 days after birth works best.
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Clothing Guide
Dressing your family can be a little stressful. Check out this guide that will walk you through the whole process.
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About the Photographer
As the youngest of 27 cousins (Yes, you read that right), I fell in love with photography through our shenanigan-filled family gatherings. No one was going to stop for a nice picture, so I learned to document real moments - the real life that really matters. When I don't have a camera in my hand, you'll find me playing the piano, running or biking the trails around my Colorado home, or skiing with my husband.
Like a Breath of Fresh Air
"Laura came inside like a fresh of breath air and the sunniest smile, so down to earth and silly and easy to talk to. She put us completely at ease. She let us just be a family doin' our thang and let the dogs run around and took pictures from lots of different angles indoors and outdoors and didn't ask us to pose in any weird positions, just wanted to capture us as US. It was so much fun. "
"Our session felt so natural with  Laura. We were comfortable in our own home, doing our own thing. It was super easy work with  her all throughout the planning, during the session, and afterwards."
You'll want to remember these moments when they're sixteen.
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